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Three Tips For Investing In A Commercial Real Estate Broker

Friday, December 9th, 2022

Even experienced business owners sometimes struggle with commercial real estate. After all, commercial leasing requires a lot of research to ensure your property meets your business’s demands and fits your budget. Commercial real estate agents are experienced and can help navigate the market. Choosing the best commercial real estate broker for your business can take time and effort. Listed below are some helpful tips for picking a commercial real estate broker. (more…)

What Does Rezoning Property Mean?

Friday, May 20th, 2022
What Does Rezoning Property Mean?

Clagett Enterprises can help walk you through the rezoning process.

Property zoning laws regulate how land is used in specific areas, from commercial vs. residential construction, to how many stories a home can have. If you’re thinking about rezoning property, that means you’re considering changing the general purpose of the land. Sometimes, it’s changing a residential property to a farm or agricultural-based business or transforming a farm into an industrial, commercial building. So, how can you successfully rezone your property? Here are a few steps to consider. 


The Advantages of Mixed-Use Buildings

Thursday, February 17th, 2022
The Advantages of Mixed-Use Buildings

Mixed-use buildings are unique in the commercial real estate market.

Investors in commercial real estate have many exciting and rewarding options. One type of commercial real estate that is unique is the mixed-use building. A mixed-use building typically includes both multi-family units and office or retail spaces. This unique combination of two property categories makes investing in them well worth it. Below are a few of the advantages of mixed-use buildings in Maryland.


Benefits of Commercial Property over Residential

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022
Benefits of Commercial Property over Residential

An investor can choose between commercial and residential properties. Here’s what commercial has to offer!

When it comes to investing in real estate, understanding the unique differences between owning commercial property and residential property can inform your decision-making process for your investments overall. There are some key perks that come with owning commercial property compared to residential properties. The reality is, investors are always on the hunt for the best real estate that’ll provide them with the maximum return on their investment. Ultimately, owning commercial property can really be a great way to boost your investment portfolio and so much more. Here are the unique perks associated with owning a commercial property versus a residential piece of property


4 Reasons Why Commercial Remodeling Is Important

Friday, November 5th, 2021
4 Reasons Why Commercial Remodeling Is Important Clagett

Did we say commercial remodeling motivates employees? Add that it attracts new ones as well.

How would you feel if clients started describing your commercial building as old, out fashioned, or obsolete? Or worse, all the neighboring buildings are fully occupied while yours has several vacancies. Perhaps, it happens. One of the triggers of low occupancy is the failure to remodel and renovate commercial buildings. Here are the benefits of commercial remodeling.


What Real Estate Syndication is and How to Get Started

Friday, June 18th, 2021
clagett real estate syndication

Real estate syndication is actually a pretty easy easy concept to understand.

Real estate syndication is a hot topic in today’s news and politics, but let’s be real: even a lot of real estate investors don’t know what it means. Many commercial real estate investors tend to stick to investing entirely on their own. While this is a completely okay way to operate, they are missing out on some of the immense benefits of real estate syndication. Plus, real estate syndication is a great way for investors to try out investing in commercial real estate. Are you still confused? Read this blog to find out what commercial real estate syndication is and how to quite literally get your foot in the door.  (more…)

Converting Residential to Commercial

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021
Converting Residential to Commercial

Thinking of converting residential property to commercial? Clagett can help!

The housing market has reached a fever pitch in 2021, with fewer homes available for sale and very high demand. Among those looking for residential property are commercial real estate investors. Perhaps you are one of them. Converting commercial real estate into residential is a common practice, but what about residential to commercial? Here are a few pointers concerning this approach.


Benefits of Commercial Development

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021
Benefits of Commercial Development

What can one reap with commercial real estate development?

Commercial development can look like various things, such as the construction or reconstruction of data centers, warehouses, self-storage, retail, or office buildings. Constructing new buildings in a local area can have its pros and cons, but it can certainly have several benefits if it is done right. Below are at least three benefits of commercial development.


How Real Estate Consultants Can Help You Find Your Dream Property

Friday, July 23rd, 2021
clagett enterprises real estate consultants

Real estate consultants are here to help you out. No need to feel intimidated!

Many go-getting investors dream of becoming a landlord or property manager and build that oh-so-valuable passive income over time. Many people use passive income for all sorts of reasons, such as retirement planning, supplementary income, or to save up for something they love like hobbies or vacations. Regardless of the reasoning, the world of real estate investment and commercial management is not as easy to get into as you might think. One way to make things a lot smoother is by employing the services of real estate consultants. Want to know more about real estate consultants and how they can help make your real estate dreams come true? Read this! (more…)

What Size Office Real Estate is Best For Your Company?

Thursday, July 8th, 2021
clagett office real estate

Office real estate properties come in all sorts of sizes. Which is best for your operation?

If you are on the lookout for a brand new office real estate location for your company, you are likely facing hundreds of vacant commercial lots or properties to choose from. But, especially for a brand new start-up or rapidly expanding company, you may be having trouble figuring out what size of office real estate will work best for your company. Many people that are inexperienced in the world of office real estate may simply look at a property and say, “This will do” and sign a lease, even if it, in reality, will not suit their company’s needs properly. Make sure to read this if you are looking into purchasing or renting office real estate to make sure your company will be getting the right size for its operations! (more…)