Community Association Management Information

As a member of the Community Association Institute, an organization for management professionals, Clagett Management is uniquely qualified to serve your association’s needs. Our main asset is our service and people-oriented staff. Our experience in working with all the members of the association, not just the board, allows your organization to run smoothly and creates a sense of community. As the board of directors changes from year to year, we, as your manager, will provide a consistent level of service in orienting new board members and in maintaining existing programs. We strive to provide necessary information to all members of the association in a timely manner.

In addition, we have highly qualified staff who operate the computerized procedures to handle situations effectively and efficiently. Our Skyline II property management software includes full general ledger functions, budgeting information, unit owner information, and delinquency reporting sections.

Importantly, financial matters are handled to insure accurate and timely financial reports and budget preparation. We will track delinquent accounts and execute collection procedures. Finally, our managers perform site inspections and include this information in monthly reports. A detailed site inspection is performed periodically as detailed in the contract. We assist the architectural committee by processing applications, tracking violations, and taking appropriate action at the boards’ direction. Managers follow all contractors’ work to insure their compliance and to provide progress reports as required.

Our management packages can include:

  • Site inspections
  • Attendance at board meetings
  • Budget preparation
  • Newsletter preparation
  • Small claims court collections
  • Special mailings
  • Architectural enforcement
  • Development & enforcement of rules & regulations