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4 Simple Steps to Find and Lease Office Space

Friday, October 1st, 2021
4 Simple Steps to Find and Lease Office Space

Ideally, office spaces are charged per square foot per month.

There is a myriad of ways to find and lease office space. In some instances, you can find lease spaces on the dailies, billboards, brokers, online listings, or even through referrals. The office space you hire must be affordable, meet your business needs, and have enough space to cater for expansion. This post details four simple steps to find and lease office space. 


What to Do After You’ve Signed The Office Lease

Friday, June 4th, 2021
clagett office lease

Signing a brand new office lease is exciting, but make sure you have everything set in order to move.

Once you’ve placed your John Hancock on that office lease, you could be wondering what the next step actually would be. Ultimately, once you’ve signed the office lease, there are some key considerations that you will absolutely need to have accomplished. In fact, every successful business is bound to expand at some point. And part of any business expansion will typically include a new office space — particularly a larger one than the one you are currently working with. Here, the perfect steps you should take after you sign a new office lease. (more…)