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Four Helpful Tips For Finding Suitable A Office Space

Friday, November 18th, 2022

There are several options for finding and renting office space. You could occasionally find leasing places by using daily newspapers, billboards, brokers, online postings, and even personal referrals. Your new office space must be reasonably priced, suitable for your business needs, and roomy enough to support expansion. This blog provides information on locating and renting office space using these four practical suggestions for finding a suitable space for your business. (more…)

Factors To Consider When Searching For Office Space

Friday, October 21st, 2022

Office space is critical to your overall business venture and the actual business setting. The area you choose for your building is contingent upon several factors regarding the size and sector of your various building. Selecting the right office can be challenging, but with these helpful tips and elements to consider, you can have the office space that fits the overall needs of your business.¬† (more…)

8 Factors You Must Consider When Looking For Office Space

Friday, November 19th, 2021
8 Factors You Must Consider When Looking For Office Space Clagett

A key factor to consider regarding the comfort of the office space is the accessibility of the office.

Office space is a critical determinant of the viability of a business venture. The space is dependent on the type of business, whether a startup or investment. The selection of open space for the company is based on the following factors.


Different Types of Office Spaces

Thursday, September 16th, 2021
Different Types of Office Spaces

There are all kinds of office space layouts available! Which might be right for you?

The office space scene is changing dramatically, with many expecting the world to work mainly from home and limiting travel. Even so, there are several fundamental benefits of working in an office, such as more authentic connections, accountability, and focus. With all the advantages that office spaces give, the next question is what kind of office space to look for. Here is a brief yet concise guide on the different types of office spaces. 


Why The Business Park Is Still A Great Choice

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
clagett enterprises business park

A business park remains a great place to rent or buy office space for your business in 2021.

During this pandemic, many businesses have moved out of the office and into private homes. While this at first was a temporary precautionary solution to keeping office workers safe, more and more business people have chosen to stay at home. This has put a question on many people’s minds: is keeping an office space worth it? The reality is, it’s up to how your business wants to operate. But there are lots of tenants that are slowly but surely arriving back at the office or considering an entirely different space for a corporate refresh. This is where a business park comes in. A business park was once the most sought-after area to place your business since it was often accompanied by convention centers and hotels for market professionals to reside in during business meetings. And despite the pandemic’s adverse effect on commercial real estate, a business park is still a great place to have your office space. Here’s why. (more…)

Three Effective Ways to Find Office Tenants

Friday, April 9th, 2021
clagett frederick md office tenants

Finding quality office tenants might be a bit scary at first, but they won’t be so hard to find after reading this guide.

So you’ve just completed construction on a brand new or freshly renovated commercial property. You want to find some great office tenants that will be able to bring the best quality of work to space. But there are hundreds of businesses out there, all in different industries and with different reputations. And more and more businesses are moving to Frederick, MD, because of the growing push for industry and great rent value. You want to make sure your corporate building is at full capacity of respectful and hardworking office tenants. How can you attract the best businesses, companies, or firms to your commercial building? Here are three ways to begin your search for the perfect office tenants for your commercial property. (more…)

A Quick Guide to Choosing A Commercial Office Space

Thursday, March 18th, 2021
clagett commercial office space

Choosing the right commercial office space is not only beneficial to employees, but clients as well.

Every business owner wants to have a beautiful, spacious office that creates an engaging and lively work environment for maximum efficiency.¬† The sole way that this can be accomplished is by choosing a commercial office space that is perfect for your company. However, it’s important not to just jump right into a real estate contract. There is a lot of planning that must occur before choosing your dream commercial office space. These are some helpful pieces of advice to help make sure that you are completely confident in the commercial office space you chose to represent your company with no regrets. (more…)

Office Space: Rent or Buy?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021
Office Space: Rent or Buy?

Which is better: to rent or to buy office space? Here are the pros and cons of each.

There is one tough question that every business owner must face at some point: should you rent or buy office space? The benefits of even having a physical office location are apparent. Communication, collaboration, and bonding are at their best when in-person, and customers can see that you are here to stay when you’ve invested in a building. In other cases, a physical location is essential to providing your services. No matter what type of business you have, the question of whether to rent or buy office space is often muddy and nuanced according to each company’s circumstances. However, the classic list of what each has to offer can help you in your decision.


How to Budget for Office Space

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020
How to Budget for Office Space

Having a budget is essential; here is what you can expect to budget for for your new office space.

You are on your way to purchasing or renting new office space; congratulations! Having an official, physical location for your business is a sure way to establish trust, a professional image, a place to meet with clients, and an opportunity to bond and collaborate more closely with coworkers. As a hefty investment, it will take considerable budgeting to make sure you are getting the best deal overall. Below are several ways you may need to budget for office space.


How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020
How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Wondering how much office space you really need? Check out these pointers.

Office space is still necessary for many businesses. Even with the surge of remote work over the past few years and especially this year in 2020, office spaces will continue to exist. As a business, you work as a team to collaborate and build community while you’re at it. Communication is never better than when you’re face-to-face. If you are searching for the best office space or wondering whether to expand or detract your square footage, check out these tips.