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Landscaping Tips for Property Managers 2019

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019
Landscaping Tips for Property Managers 2019

Follow these landscaping tips for a healthy and cost-effective property.

Low maintenance landscaping is all the rage in 2019 when it comes to rental properties, whether commercial or residential. The trend is to cut costs and run a property more efficiently, and landscaping is no small part in that goal. How does one create an outdoor appeal for a greater potential profit while keeping costs down to a minimum? Here are three main landscaping tips to follow as a commercial or residential property manager.


3 Problems Only Property Managers Will Understand

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017
property managers

Only property managers will understand the problems that come with having a variety of different tenants.

Playing a unique role, property managers maneuver between real estate professionals and tenants alike. In fact, property managers interact with such a wide array of people that is can be overwhelming for those in the beginning stages of their career in the wild world of property management. However, there are some tell-tale problems that only a property manager can relate to. Here are just some of the more common problems every property manager has experienced at least once in their careers. (more…)