3 Commonly Heard Tenant Complaints and How to Effectively Address Them

By keeping in mind these three commonly heard complaints and their quick fixes, you’ll look like a superhero with a secret power the next time you are faced with one.

If frequent tenant complaints sometimes leave you feeling frustrated or confused as a property manager, know that you are not alone in your experiences while playing the role of a maintenance dispatcher or a referee between neighbors. These complaints, while daunting to address from month to month, are more common than you think, and most of these grievances often have easy solutions that are occasionally overlooked in situations of urgency or miscommunication. By keeping in mind these three commonly heard complaints and their quick fixes, you’ll look like a superhero with a secret power the next time you are faced with one.

“There’s no communication here.”

One of the most common complaints of tenants to their property managers is that there is little to no communication between the two parties. If you’re uneasy about providing your personal contact information to residents, Facebook is an excellent way to both communicated and demonstrate your availability while protecting your personal cell phone number. Consider creating an official Facebook page for your property, and communicate with your tenants via posts or private messages through the account.

“It’s too loud over there.”

Noisy neighbors are frequently the cause of tension among tenants, and it can be difficult when trying to manage the clashing personal lives of residents. If the source of the noise is one of your tenants, you may want to ask around your building for similar complaints before addressing the issue directly. When addressing the issue, it is best to offer effective alternatives to the issue such as an agreement on quiet hours. If the source of the noise falls under another property manager, consider contacting management directly for assistance.  

“Can I have this fixed?”

Many tenants will address maintenance issues with the property manager for answers on how to resolve the issue. Although you may not have all the answers for maintenance (it’s best to leave that to the professionals!) you can provide your tenants with a tangible request process so there are few questions about the rate of progress as you seek help for each issue. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a comment board or request submission page on your property site, where tenants can formerly file these requests and monitor the process as their issue is resolved.


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