Commercial Sales & Leasing

Clagett Enterprises offers full-service commercial sales and leasing throughout Maryland. Our team of licensed and bonded real estate agents has unparalleled knowledge of the properties and businesses that comprise the tri-state commercial real estate marketplace. As a full-service real estate provider we understand the diverse needs of our commercial clients whether they be property owners, business owners, investors, landlords, or tenants.

Achieving buyer/tenant goals

Calling upon our more than 35 years of market knowledge as well as use of the latest technologies, we match buyers/tenants with the properties that will achieve their business goals–and property owners with appropriate buyers who will value the real estate they’re offering. We’re frequently introduced to buyers who have interest in a property we’re listing. When meeting them onsite, we provide them with all the documentation to make qualified decisions. In advance of the meeting our team also explores other similar property options in the event the client feels the need to see additional properties. Our goal is to always satisfy the client, successfully leading the buyer to the site ultimately chosen.

Achieving property owner’s goals

We work diligently on the part of property owners, marketing their sites on CoStar and LoopNet, the most popular and robust commercial real estate marketing tools available. We monitor the markets each day to ensure that our pricing is competitive. When touring, we provide prospects with every needed piece of documentation: site-related governance, mechanical information, and more. And we follow up. We treat prospects with the respect you would demonstrate. Finally, we are a trusted member of the business community and have the respect of real estate professionals who are confident to recommend our listed properties, assured of their quality and our personal work integrity.

Land sales

Clagett Enterprises is also a leader in land sales. Our successful representation of landowners has resulted in the development of many of the most prestigious retail, residential, and industrial centers in Frederick County.

Invaluable development guidance

As important as our ability to sell or lease land and real estate, so too is our expertise in guiding developers, buyers, and tenants through the various processes needed in order to fulfill their ultimate business goals. We routinely advise clients in matters of marketplace analysis, cost analysis, zoning, site planning, annexation, government relations, tax advice and more. More than just a broker, we consider ourselves to be a partner who provides clients with every possible assistance.

Please let us know how we can serve you.

Ken Breen
Associate Broker
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