3 Easy Home Staging Tips for Summer

3 Easy Home Staging Tips for Summer

Summer staging requires its own set of rules to prepare for potential home buyers.

Every season is unique and brings about its own set of specific challenges for homeowners. The summer season is no exception to this rule, and neither are those looking to sell their homes. Summer staging requires its own particular set of rules to be prepared for potential home buyers. If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, be prepared with these easy summer staging tips to sell your home as soon as possible.

Remember the Outdoors

In the summer, people will want to embrace the outdoor living space of their home, or in this case, their future home. If the house that you are selling has a beautiful outdoor space, be sure to incorporate that as a part of the summer staging, since it is not showcased as well during other seasons throughout the year. Make sure that any outdoor or patio furniture is clean and shows no signs of weathering. If there is no furniture to display, consider investing in unique summer decorations or outdoor furniture to display for potential buyers and showcase the beautiful backyard of the property.

Turn On the Air Conditioning

If people enter your home and feel uncomfortable due to the humidity or temperature, it will make them leave with a bad feeling about the house. Sure, it is nice to save money during the summer season by keeping the AC off, but it is important to keep potential buyers happy and comfortable when you are selling your home. Turning the AC on is an important and underappreciated component of summer staging, and cannot go ignored when selling a house.

The Value of Curb Appeal

Never forget just how valuable first impressions are, which in this case, comes from the curb appeal of the house you are trying to sell. The landscaping of the front yard is an important part of summer staging and enticing potential buyers to give you an offer. If the grass is long or dying, it will give off the wrong impression about the property and make the potential buyers look down on the rest of the house while they are looking at it. Add some potted plants to the front yard, make sure the grass is cut and watered, and you should be good to go.

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