3 Easy Tips for Building Your New Home Wish List

3 Easy Tips for Building Your New Home Wish List

A new home wish list should realistically reflect critical components of your budget, ideal location, and must-have features for your new home.

As you begin to search for your new home, one of the most crucial steps for moving forward is to establish a new home wish list that realistically reflects critical components of your budget, ideal location, and must-have features for your new home. To accurately determine a realistic set of ‘needs’ for your new home, it is essential to consider multiple aspects of your move to refine your search. If you are ready to begin your home-search process, consider these three easy tips for building out your perfect new home wish list.

Determine a Realistic Budget and Financial Boundaries

While you may already have a budget for your new home set in your mind, it is essential to think about a handful of additional considerations for your financial boundaries. First, once you establish your ideal budget based on household income and living expenses, it is important also to set a realistic spending range for potential additional expenses such as updates, renovation costs, or repairs that may be necessary after you move into your new home. Doing this will allow you to effectively buy within your means and provide you with a stable financial starting point for purchasing your new home.

Choose a Location that Fits Your Lifestyle

By setting your sights on a location that fits the needs of your lifestyle, you are not only buying a house that meets your requirements, but also improve your overall quality of life in many other ways. These location-based lifestyle improvements may include reducing your daily commute to your workplace, ensuring that you are close to good schools in the area, and selecting a location that is central to where you spend most of your time. As you map out your home search, try to choose a place that best fits not only your present needs but potential future needs as well.

Establish Non-Negotiable Features and Accommodations

Which features and accommodations are absolute must-haves for you and your family? This determination of ‘needs’ can sometimes be a tricky conversation for many families, as ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ can sometimes overlap. To establish your ‘needs,’ start with the basics. How many bedrooms are necessary for everyone in your home to have their space? How many cars must your garage accommodate? Do you have pets that require outdoor space? The answers to these simple questions will allow you to expand upon other requirements and additional preferences for your new home.

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