Benefits of Commercial Property Investing

Benefits of Commercial Property Investing

Here’s why commercial property investing could be the better investing path for you.

Investing in commercial real estate is an entrepreneurial way to make an adequate passive income. It requires knowing new terminology and skills as with any other profession, but once one understands the ropes, it can become easier to handle and to grow. In summary, commercial property includes shopping malls, retail centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, self-storage units, apartment buildings, and mixed-use buildings. If you are considering this profession, take a look at some of the benefits it offers.

Higher Income

As opposed to residential property investing, commercial property investing reaps higher wages per year. Depending on the location, a commercial building could give an annual return of 6-12% the purchase price. Commercial tenants also tend to have longer leases, which promotes a stable income. 

Professional Relationships

Commercial tenants and investors alike treat commercial properties as business, and therefore are more likely to keep the owner-tenant relationship professional and courteous. Both parties want the best outcome for the building as well; in the public eye, both are more likely to work together to maintain the property than perhaps in a residential situation.

Objective Pricing

Another advantage it has over residential investing is objectivity in pricing. Residential property pricing may be more driven by sentiment than actual value. Of course, many factors affect real estate costs. If you notice commercial premises priced much more reasonably than the local residences, you may want to go for the commercial one.

Triple Net Leases

In a triple net lease, the owner does not have to pay for maintenance costs, only the mortgage and structural repairs like the roof. Some businesses who need to maintain a specific brand image will want to manage the costs themselves. 

Limited Business Hours

Lastly, commercial property investing comes with the relief of limited business hours. You will not need to answer a call in the middle of the night about someone’s lost keys or clogged toilet. Since businesses reside in the units, you’ll likely only need to handle calls at business hours. You can also set up the system so that in an emergency, signals will go out to the proper authorities rather than yourself. 

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