Checklist for Reopening Businesses after Coronavirus

Checklist for Reopening Businesses after Coronavirus

Get your business ready to reopen with these safety guideline ideas.

The coronavirus will likely still be around for an indefinite time, yet businesses must reopen at some point soon. All across the United States, people are starting to reopen their shops, offices, and more. The time to get back into business is near. One must go into it cautiously, of course, which is why a reopening checklist may come in handy. While these guidelines are just suggestions, it may help you spark some ideas as the time draws near.

Prepare Your Team

There are many ways to prepare your team for regathering in the shop or office. Safety is the priority. If it is allowed, you may like to host a reunion party before cracking down to work again. This can help boost morale and celebrate what deserves celebration. Of course, only consider this if it is allowed by your local government.  

Measures a company can take to protect its workers and customers include taking a survey of everyone’s health before reuniting and establishing rules on physical proximity and cleanliness. These rules may differ from company to company. One can encourage employees to limit contact with frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs, coffee machines, printers, etc. Limiting shared materials like pens, pencils, and other equipment can encourage cleanliness. You may even establish staggered shifts or access to common rooms to further limit physical contact. Whatever you decide is best, communicate it well to your employees. 

Prepare the Location

Before getting everyone back to work, evaluate your premises with regards to inventory and equipment. Is your place well-stocked with all that you will need? Are all your utilities like printers, computers, Internet, security, etc. in good working order? Fix and stock up whatever you need so you can jump into business without a glitch.

Other ways to prepare include readying your business with health and safety devices. For example, you may install a plexiglass barrier between employees and customers, place hand sanitizer in easy-to-find places, and put out health and safety signs for customers. Arm employees with masks if necessary.

Spread the Word

When you do reopen, have a marketing plan in place to get the news out to your customers. Let them know what you have been doing and what your safety practices currently are. They will be happy to hear you are back in business!

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