Commercial Office Space Trends for 2022

Commercial Office Space Trends for 2022

Commercial office spaces have changed little since pre-pandemic times. Here are the trends offices cherish most today.

Office buildings have endured a significant change over the past few years given the pandemic measures and shifting technological setups. Many people already had the option of working from home well before the current events of the last two years, and more technologies continue to facilitate remote work. However, commercial office space trends for 2022 continue to look strikingly similar to office space trends pre-pandemic. Below are the commercial office space trends for 2022 you will not want to miss.

Open Spaces

Open floorplans have been the trend for the last two decades for homes and businesses alike. Open layouts help facilitate a feeling of airiness and community. The days of rows of quiet cubicles are now considered outdated. Open office spaces are the best way to create an inviting atmosphere and create connections between coworkers.

High Ceilings

If one looks up the research, one can see that dwelling in rooms with high ceilings is beneficial for mental health. High ceilings give a person a higher sense of openness and room to think and breathe. Working in a room with high ceilings is certainly a perk and one that employees appreciate.

Outdoor Work Areas

Facilitating business outdoors has been a task that many business owners have worked hard to achieve in recent years. It also provides flexibility for employees to change their work environment and get some fresh air during a break. Outdoor work areas can include patios, decks, terraces, and roof decks.

In-House Amenities

Some businesses offer perks that help employees live their best lives. These amenities include anything from gyms to mothers’ rooms to game rooms. The office spaces most famous for such spaces include Google and Apple. Whether you are managing an office building for one business or multiple businesses, you can always consider the in-house amenities that your office space provides.

Community Spaces

Networking and collaborating is the way teams work to provide great products and services from the office. Community spaces include not just conference rooms, but also your food halls, lounges, comfortable lobbies, and other creative communal solutions. If you are looking to invest in commercial office space, these commercial office space trends for 2022 are what to look for.

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