The Duties of a Property Manager

property management duties

What exactly will a property manager do for you and your rental property?

It can be intimidating to put your property in the hands of a property management company, but once you’re no longer dealing with things like rent collection, maintenance, and finding tenants, you’ll be happy you did. If you’re thinking about employing a property manager, you probably have a few questions on your mind. One of the first things you should know is what responsibilities your property management company will take on. A property manager, like those at Clagett Enterprises, will make sure your property runs efficiently, is well kept, and is inhabited by wonderful tenants.

Rent Responsibilities

Dealing with rent setting and rent collection can be one of the biggest nightmares for property owners. Property management companies can take this responsibility off of your shoulders. Your property manager has deep knowledge of the rental market and knows how to set an attractive rent, and adjust it year to year. They also have the backing of an entire company when it comes to prompt rent collection and can strictly enforce late fees, should it come to that. Having a third party involved in rent collection will allow you to maintain a conflict-free relationship with your tenants.

Tenant Communication

With a property management company, you can feasibly sit back and relax while your manager takes care of all of the business aspects of residential leasing. Your property management company will handle communication with tenants, extending their reach all the way from finding and screening potential tenants to handling leases, complaints, and repairs. The tenants that call your property home will go to your property manager for any issue they may have. You’ll rest assured that your property is inhabited by responsible tenants, and that they are fully satisfied with their experience.

Paperwork Management

No one like dealing with things like taxes, record keeping, and the intricate laws associated with residential leasing. These things can be difficult to navigate and require tedious attention to detail. Property management companies are trained to be knowledgeable about these topics and can ensure that all of these processes are carried out correctly and thoroughly.

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