Helpful Tips For Managing Smart Buildings

smart building

Managing a smart building requires that you be mindful of certain things!

We all already know the benefits of having a smart commercial building; there’s nothing like controlling locks on doors, the HVAC system, the alarm system, telecommunications, sensors and having data storage all in the infrastructure of your business. However, managing that complicated web of data presents their own challenges. By upgrading your commercial building to a smart building requires a different skill set for maintaining those systems.

Identify Weak Links

Just like Target’s infamous hack, where the breach actually occurred through the HVAC system, cyber attacks can happen via the systems that control your commercial building itself. Identifying where the breach could happen is crucial to avoid a catastrophe. Understanding that your real estate team and IT department should be in communication about what process requirements are necessary for adding new technology will help you manage your commercial building the most efficiently.

Unfortunately, the weakest link in cyber-security could be the most difficult to control–people. Installing a line of firewalls and defense systems is excellent, but your security breach could come from one person clicking a phishing email that opens the door to your entire infrastructure. When you foster a community of security awareness, you keep the people who work for you on their toes and actively looking for breaches. Keep holding training sessions for your employees and contractors and have simulated phishing attacks for your commercial building to keep your IT professionals sharp.

Safeguard Against Cyber-Security Risks

There are a few strategies for managing your commercial building that may decrease the likelihood of a cyber attack infiltrating your sensitive data. One is to apply for an enterprise security program across your systems or applying “segmentation” which puts robust firewalls between your systems. This would prevent a hacker with access to your HVAC system to break through to other smart systems like lighting or your corporate email server.

Companies can also implement a two-factor authentication system that would require contractors and other people who need to have outside access to specific systems to have a password and PIN or authentication code to gain access. This would limit the ability of a hacker to get any access to your systems management.

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