How to Choose a Commercial Space

Moving into a new commercial space might be stressful. Make sure to choose the right place for your company.

Moving into a new commercial space might be stressful. Make sure to choose the right place for your company.

Picking a commercial space is a big step for your company. Your office space can either make or break the company, so it is essential that you choose a place that is going to work well for all aspects of your company. A commercial property affects factors like location, client happiness, and your staff’s efficiency and happiness. Check out these aspects to consider before investing in a commercial space.


This might be the most important part of an office space. Often times, it is essential that a company stays in the same neighborhood, town or city. This could limit your choices in commercial space buildings however. Sometimes companies might need to make a compromise on other aspects of their commercial space so that the location can be perfect. You’ll need to consider the area so that it is not difficult for your clients to get to the office. Another thing to consider is the commute that your staff will have to endure to get to a new office location. Another bonus for a great location is an area that has restaurants or bars near by. This way, you’ll be able to easily go out and grab a bite after work!


It might be difficult to fit 100 staff members into a commercial space with only a few rooms. The same thing goes for a company that only has 30 employees- you don’t need a mansion. Size really does matter when it comes to a commercial space for your business. You’ll also have to consider your company’s needs. You may need a lot of conference rooms or an area to put cubicles or a lot of desks. All of these are factors in the size of the place that you need to buy.


Style is always an option that you should think about. If your brand promotes something modern and contemporary, you wouldn’t want to move into an old building with no character. Your look wouldn’t match who you are. Style is also important when thinking of how your company and staff operate. If your company encourages interactions, you’ll want to have a large break area and a space where you can have big meetings. When thinking of the style of the commercial space in question you should ask yourself one thing: would you be proud and excited to show off this office space to your clients? If the answer isn’t yes, you might want to keep searching to find the perfect style to fit your business. If you still have questions about which property to choose for your commercial space, consider consulting with representatives at Clagett Enterprises, Inc.

Choosing the Perfect Commercial Space with Clagett Enterprises!

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