How to Get a Great Commercial Property Deal

How to Get a Great Commercial Property Deal

To get started in your commercial real estate investing career, you’ll need to do these four things.

Investing in commercial real estate is a fantastic way to make a living, but like all other professions, getting started takes time and effort. It is impossible to encapsulate all that goes into commercial property investing in one brief article, but there are several steps you will need to take in order to land your first golden deal. 

Education in a Niche

First, you will need to determine your goal and educate yourself on all that goes into achieving it. Your goal needs to be as specific as possible; for example, you may want to invest in strip malls through property development. You might have a broader vision, but you need to start specific. As the example shows, you’ll want to choose one type of commercial real estate and one type of investing strategy. 

Education goes beyond these two things, however. Learn about the process of commercial property investing through the many resources available, such as podcasts, YouTube videos, articles, and local real estate investor groups. You can even learn through having a real estate job.

Real Estate Underwriting

Next, you will want to learn real estate underwriting. Underwriting is a financial evaluation of an investment property’s value. It helps an investor determine the property’s value regarding factors like its upfront price, renovation and maintenance costs, financing, and expected rent. Underwriting is crucial for investors to be able to determine a good deal when they see one. 

Your Commercial Property Team

Real estate investing is not a one-man show. It takes a team of individuals who specialize in different aspects of running and investing in CRE. Your team should be one you can rely on long-term, and will consist of a real estate broker, real estate attorney, contractor, property manager, and commercial lenders. All of these people should specialize in your type of commercial real estate.

Practice and Apply!

Landing your first deal and becoming an astute investor takes time and practice. Practice your underwriting skills consistently if not daily, and make an offer once a week. It is like applying for a job; you might apply to 100, but one is just the right fit.

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