How to Handle Dirty Tenants

How to Handle Dirty Tenants

Handling dirty tenants is a necessary but doable step in keeping your property pristine.

There is nothing good about having dirty tenants. Indeed, it can ultimately be a terrible nightmare. A messy tenant isn’t just an inconvenience; one can lead to bugs, roaches, and other harmful pests. The result is that re-renting the unit can become incredibly difficult, if not impossible. It’s no wonder property owners are conscious of keeping their tenants clean — because a dirty tenant can be a financial burden. Here are some helpful tips to help property owners handle dirty tenants like a pro. 

Finding Maids

There is nothing stopping property managers from including a specific clause in the rental agreement that mandates tenants use a maid or cleaning service. Moreover, having a monthly maid or cleaning service is one of the best ways to avoid dealing with the ramifications that accompany dirty tenants. That being said, there is also nothing stopping tenants from being annoyed or insulted with such a clause. Ultimately, being mindful about the best way to balance keeping your tenants happy and avoiding dirty tenants can be difficult, but the results are worth it. 

Clear And Concise Tenant Cleanliness, Explained

Being proactive about letting your tenants know the importance of keeping their spaces clean is essential. There is nothing worse than having tenants who are unaware of the specific cleanliness rules that are in place. As a result, clearly explaining the integral component of proper cleaning your tenants’ residences can be a great way to encourage clean tenants and discourage the dirty ones. Various tenants may show a wide array of cleanliness in the space, but being conscientious about protecting the cleanliness of your property is a crucial component to avoiding and handling dirty tenants. With clear expectations, they should not have any nasty surprises should they get in trouble for breaking the contract.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, property managers will want to ensure their investments keep in prime condition. Having dirty tenants can make managers and landlords alike suffer financially, as it becomes incredibly difficult to re-rent a rental space after an untidy tenant has done their damage. Getting rid of dirty tenants and handling them like a professional is the best route to take to ensure your investment is fully protected. 

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