Invest in a Preventive Maintenance Program for Maryland Rental Properties

Preventive Maintenance Program MarylandManaging a rental property is tough work. But no one said you had to go it alone. That is where Clagett Management comes in.  We provide full service, competitively priced property management throughout Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. Our goal is to help you profit from your investment and to free you from the daily concerns of your property’s upkeep and operation.

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Avoid Tennant Complaints, Invest in a Preventive Maintenance Program

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the biggest struggles for most landlords is maintenance and repairs. While it is always more cost effective to be proactive, it is difficult to keep up with the maintenance needs of your own home, let alone your rental property. And if you own more than one property, your maintenance tasks are doubled, tripled, or worse. There is just not enough time in the day. So you take a reactive approach to maintenance. Instead of performing regular inspections and preventive maintenance, you wait for things to breakdown before you address them. This leads to costly repairs and, perhaps more importantly, tenant complaints. No surprises here, but timely maintenance is one of the biggest complaints most tenants have of their rental property. Landlords are accustomed to hearing complaints about every maintenance issue, from leaky faucets to overflowing toilets. The solution: invest in a Preventive Maintenance Program.

More often than not, renters will not fill out a maintenance request until the issue has snowballed into a major and costly repair. Ca-ching! This is why it is better to be proactive when it comes to protecting your real estate investment.

Preventive Maintenance Program in Maryland

Clagett Management offers a preventive maintenance program. We periodically inspect your rental properties, allowing us to deal with repairs as they arrive, before they spiral out of control. We employ a network of the best contractors available in the area to service your property. Because we manage a large number of properties in the area, we elicit immediate response from our contractors.

If you have any questions and our Preventive Maintenance Program, please contact Clagett at (301) 695-6676 or Click Here. You can also connect with Clagett on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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