Is Commercial Office Space Relevant in 2024?


Does commercial office space still matter in 2024? It does indeed!

Commercial office space is a staple of the corporate working world. Over the past decade, some companies have attempted to cut costs by reducing their commercial floor space. While some people love working remotely, there are benefits to working in a commercial office space, some of which make commercial property essential. Is commercial office space relevant in 2024? Absolutely!

The Norm for Office Work in 2024

Office work in 2024 has some surprising statistics. According to Forbes, over 51% of people still work in a physical office full-time. Over 28% of working people are working in a hybrid model, while over 12% have fully remote jobs. The fact that over 12% of the workforce are remote workers says a lot about how strong the trend of remote work is. However, it might surprise some that over half the population is indeed working in a physical commercial office building.

Is Commercial Office Space Relevant in 2024?

In-Person Work Is In 

About 98% of working people would like to work remotely in some capacity, and it is projected that a higher percentage of office workers will work at home in the future. However, it is merely a prediction. In-person work is still the predominant mode of office work in 2024, with hybrid models also highly popular. Commercial office space is indeed relevant in 2024.

An Official Location Is Important

Does it matter whether people work remotely, hybrid, or in-person, or is the majority just the majority? In-person work at an official business location matters for these reasons:

  • Face-to-face communication
  • Verity of the business
  • Official meeting place for the company, customers, and partners
  • House important equipment and documents in one commercial property

Although the commute is cut out when you work from home, an official commercial location helps establish that the company is real and you can meet each other and other business relations in an official, professional spot.

Human Contact Boosts Morale

Jobs are ultimately about the people. While people can do great work at home or in an office, a sense of community helps to boost employees’ morale and ability to communicate. If there is no connection to the people at the company or anyone else, it is a lot harder to work together or have any sense of unity with it.

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