Landlords: How to Enforce Cleaning Rules

Landlords: How to Enforce Cleaning Rules

Check out these guidelines for keeping your rental units well-maintained.

Landlords know how crucial it is to make sure their rentals stay in pristine condition. Landlords can clean out each unit in between tenants, but the place overall will remain in better shape if it receives regular maintenance. Landlords can enforce cleaning rules; below is a look at how to do it.

In the Lease

Your tenants will only have an obligation to follow the cleaning rules if you include it in your lease. The lease should entail very clearly what your expectations are, and can go into detail. For example, one can list “taking the trash out before it gets full” as one guideline, besides listing all the areas you want them to clean. If you plan on making routine inspections of the units, note this in the lease as well. Tenants should be well-prepared and fully-informed of how you expect them to care for their homes.


When you interview tenants, make your expectations plain here as well. Communication early on is key to prevent wasting time on prospective tenants who will not be interested in following through on your cleaning demands. Making it clear verbally will also keep your tenant from missing out on that part of the lease and signing the dotted line anyway.

Create a Checklist or Schedule

To further help your tenants keep on track, you can print out a checklist or a monthly schedule for each unit. They can place it on their fridge and check off each task for the month. A list or schedule could potentially seem overbearing, but to the right tenants, it could help make cleaning more organized and easier to accomplish. Everyone has to clean, and tenants legally have the duty to not “commit waste.” If cleanliness is one of your top priorities as a landlord, this measure can effectively promote it.

Routine Inspections

People have busy schedules, and the same goes for both tenants and landlords. However, it is necessary to check in with your tenants now and then, perhaps quarterly, to be aware of what’s going on in your rentals. Otherwise, you may have had a hoarder under your nose the whole time and end up with a major health hazard. While the lease should mention your right to enter, notify your tenants at least 24 hours beforehand and establish a visiting time.

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