Lessons Learned From Evicting Your First Tenant


Evicting a tenant comes with a myriad of lessons.

The time will come around sooner or later. If you are a home real estate investor you will be forced to deal with this. It is inevitable that you will eventually face an eviction sometime in your career. If you have never had to remove a tenant from your property it is not exactly a happy experience. The process is usually a long one with several hurdles to climb along the way.

Evictions Will Cost You

Arguably the worst part about evicting your first tenant is that it is expensive. First, you will have to face several legal fees that can range all over. Next, you will be disheartened to realize that are also all sorts of other hidden fees. Examples of such are the attorney’s fee, moving fee, eviction fee and storage fee. In addition, you will also need to factor in the cost of lost rent. Before you know it, there will be thousands of dollars gone from your bank account.

Do Not Assume As The Landlord

People think differently. That is why you should always try to refrain from making assumptions as a landlord. In several cases, people do not think logically. All too often the tenant is unclear of when they need to vacate the property. This happens all the time and leaves the landlord feeling silly. For whatever reason, tenants sometimes do not plan ahead or make the necessary arrangements for their family and their belongings.

Schedule A Full Day For Eviction

You will want to be sure to schedule an entire day for eviction. It is in your best interest to be as flexible as you can on eviction day. You will be getting pulled in several directions and need adequate time to make sure the process runs smoothly. You will need to coordinate with movers, the sheriff’s deputy, travel to to the storage facility, etc.

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