Some Reasons To Go From Residential To Commercial Real Estate

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There area variety of differences between residential and commercial real estate!

The real estate market is constantly fluctuating, like the stock market, and some real estate investors are considering making the switch from residential real estate to commercial real estate. Investing in real estate is often a much more secure investment than the stock market, where your retirement savings are subject to the market’s whims. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider switching from investing in residential real estate to investing in commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Gives A Bigger Return On Investment

Commercial real estate properties are known for generating large amounts of yearly income annually and more reliably. For many people, it’s easier to get the money together to purchase a commercial real estate property than it is to purchase residential real estate properties. Why is that the case? Residential real estate investors are required to get their capital from financing and private lenders. Commercial real estate investors can pool capital and have access to more financing to make the purchase.

Commercial Real Estate Can Be A Safer Bet

While nothing is promised and certain, many commercial real estate properties essentially guarantee a good return on investment. Certain types of commercial properties are safer bets. One example of this is the self-storage industry. The self-storage industry almost never experiences downtime and there are plenty of opportunities to purchase or invest in one. In fact, drops in the stock market and housing market can actually increase revenues in the self-storage industry as people downsize and store their property. As long as you are investing in commercial real estate intelligently, it can be a much safer investment than residential real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Can Increase In Value

While residential real estate can increase in value over time, commercial real estate can increase in value relatively quickly. Residential real estate property values are based on the average of comps in the surrounding area. Commercial real estate properties, in contrast, are valued based on the revenue that the property generates. As a result, the higher that your commercial property’s revenue is, the higher that the value of your commercial real estate is.

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