How Smart Building Technology Helps You Get More Tenants


There are a variety of benefits to having a building equipped with smart technology!

Smart building technology is one of the latest trends, but does it actually make a difference when it’s time to acquire tenants? Here are just some beneficial ways that smart building technology helps you to get more tenants for your rental (and a short explanation of what smart building technology is in the first place!).

What Is Smart Technology?

Smart technology includes a wide variety of things including HVAC automation, integrated security systems, and customized lighting controls. Smart technology also makes controlling essential building functions much more accessible for commercial tenants. Instead of hunting for their commercial lease to determine where the thermostat is or how to adjust the lighting, they can do everything from the palm of their hand. Smart tehcnology brings innovation and ease to a commercial tenant who no longer has to bother the manager with mundane issues that can be solved with the use of smart technology.

See Where You Are

Before you can improve things, you need to see where you currently stand. Talk with your current tenants to see how the cell service and Wi-Fi are in the building. What features would they like to see added? What features do they not care as much about? Make sure that you offer smart building technology features that commercial leaseholders will actually use. After all, if the majority of your tenants do not use smartphones or have access to cell service throughout the building, they will not be able to take full advantage of the technology you’ve invested in.

Tenants Will Appreciate The Effort

Finally, realize that tenants will hugely appreciate the effort that you are putting in. Smart building technology is almost never the expectation so commercial tenants will value the extra investment you made in making the building an excellent place to work. Positive word of mouth is one of the best ways to attract new tenants, so the positive response of your existing commercial tenants will immediately help you with acquiring more. Additionally, new companies or companies with many young workers will be enticed by your smart building technology options.

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