Spring Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Spring Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Spring is here! Clagett can help you keep your commercial property in great shape.

There are always some distinct tasks to keep in mind every season when properly maintaining your commercial properties. You will want to keep your properties maintained year-round for the best results, as every professional knows. The reality is, each season, you’ll likely find yourself utilizing some key aspects of commercial property maintenance that differ from season to season. Ultimately, with spring upon us, there are some tell-tale maintenance tips to consider as the weather continues to warm up. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to properly maintain your commercial properties.

Water Damage Inspections

As we go from the massive cold front that was the winter, many areas received tons of ice and snow. Melting snow can increase the flow of water throughout the property itself. The reality is that inspecting the entire building can do wonders for any commercial property overall. Ultimately, checking the exterior foundation will be a clear sign as to whether there is any significant water damage that might need to be repaired or looked at before the weather warms up.

Checking Your Roof

Another critical thing you’ll want to do as we emerge from the winter months involves your commercial property’s roof. Winter storms will tend to damage the roof of a commercial property. Your commercial property’s roof will usually be the spot of lots of damage over time. Ultimately, your roof is the first place that will begin to leak over a lengthy period of time. 

Exterior Touch Ups

Another easy thing you can do involves touching up the exterior of your commercial property. The brutally cold winter weather can cause the paint to crack on the outside of any commercial property. Flying debris can cause the exterior paint to chip and result in some damage to the outside of your commercial building. Ultimately, taking a peek at the exterior of your commercial property can allow you to notice just how much exterior damage has resulted from the winter weather.


Lastly, don’t forget the landscaping! Spring is a time to enjoy the beauty of nature like no other, and now is a great opportunity to improve your curb appeal with fresh plantings and trimmed foliage.

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