Staging Your Home While Decorating for Fall

Residential property for sale

Add comfort to your home when staging your residential property.

When selling your residential property, one of the most helpful things you can do is stage your home. For the most part, this entails cleaning out all of your cluttered rooms and making it a blank canvas. But this can be hard to do when your family wants to decorate for the fall holidays. So how do you decorate your home while still having it staged for buyers? Let’s take a look at our fall friendly staging tips!

Exterior of Your Home

When thinking about staging your home for fall, it is especially important to pay attention to the outside of your property. The first thing you should do is prune your landscaping. Prune back any overhanging trees, dead leaves or buds on your bushes, shrubs, and flowers. Adding new mulch to your flower beds can also help add a fresh quality to your home. Keep the leaves in check by raking regularly and plant seasonal flowers to show off your home’s property to its fullest. You can also add decorations to your front porch very sparingly. Add a decorative door mat and some pumpkins on the steps or near the door. Make sure not to overcrowd the porch or door by not adding too many decorations.

Interior in Moderation

While it is bed to keep your home semi-plain, you can add some fall decorations to liven it up a bit. The most important thing to remember it is not to go overboard. Don’t over-decorate or clutter up your home with decorations. There are some things you should focus on: comfort, brightening it up, and the bedrooms. You can add comfort to any space in your home by your sense of smell. A simple plug in air freshener or even candles can add a level of comfort to any room. Use fall scents like apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice to bring a homey feeling to potential buyers. To add a cozy feeling to your home, add blankets in fall covers to your couch or accent pillows. Stacking firewood in a working fireplace is another way to bring comfort to your potential buyer’s minds. At an open house, set out some comforting treats like warm apple cider, seasonal coffee, or cider donuts. Another step is to change your bedding. Bedrooms are one of the places potential buyers look to for comfort so changing your bedding is one of the best ways to boost your home’s comfort. As autumn days start to get shorter, your home will start to get darker sooner. As that happens, it is time to brighten up your home using warm and bright light bulbs in your lamps and fixtures.

Adding fall decorations should be done carefully and thoughtfully. Avoid adding decorations that block your home’s features. Use these decorations to accent your home instead of bringing it down in comfort. By adding the right touches, your home will sell in no time! For more information on selling your residential property or to start your home search, call Clagett Enterprises today!

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