Tips For Making Your Rental Property Feel Like Home

rental property

Make your rental property feel more like home.

When renting an apartment it can be easy to get stuck in a design rut. You may find that you have many constraints and rules to follow based on your property management’s policies. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your rental so that it feels more like a calm sanctuary for you to come back to after a long day at work.
Add Storage
Let’s be real, customizable storage is simply not something that your property management or landlord would allow. When you don’t own the place and are a renter, it can be difficult to find all the space needed to store all your things. This is where storage comes in handy. Adding your own inexpensive storage solutions, such as a bookcase or some simple shelving, you can create an abundance of storage without tearing down any walls.
Change Up The Hardware
Most apartment rentals have the very basic hardware available. Oftentimes, this never fits in with the style you want to incorporate to make the space feel like your own. By simply switching out various cabinet pulls and bathroom hardware, you can create a space that is less common and more uniquely your very own. Always remember to keep the hardware that you choose to remove so that when it comes time to move out you can put the original hardware back, taking your unique hardware with you to your next place.
Get Rid Of Vertical Blinds
As the ultimate decorating sin, vertical blinds are found in most rental properties. To avoid your space from looking like a boring hospital room, try to either take down the blinds or place curtains over top to cover them up. As mentioned, don’t forget to keep the original blinds if you do choose to take them off so that you can easily put them up before you move out.
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