Top Ingenious Ways To Maximize Revenue From Your Rental Property Part II

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Getting the most from your rental property is easier than you think!

Welcome back to our last installment of tips for creating the most revenue you can out of your rental property. As mentioned previously, there are many ways you, as a landlord or rental property owner, can increase the revenue you receive. All it takes is some minor adjustments to see a significant boost in revenue.

Implement Pet Fees

Many renters want the comfort of living with pets. If your property allows for animals, then it is in your best interest to implement pet fees. In fact, not only can you implement pet fees but you can require tenants to provide you with a pet deposit upfront. Furthermore, you ensure that you are reaping the benefits of allowing pets on your property by attracting many tenants who couldn’t bear parting with their animals.

Sell Partial Months

Another great way to increase your revenue is to offer tenants flexibility in their leases. In fact, when you offer tenants the option of prorating their rent, they are more likely to continue their lease. For example, you can offer to sell half a month. In turn, you forgo losing a quality renter. In addition, you only deal with a two-week vacancy versus a one-month vacancy. As a result, you continue to get additional rent, while the tenant has time to move out comfortably.

Provide The Option Of Satellite TV

More often than not, renters need television services. In fact, most tenants will be drawn to a promotion or discount for their television services. By providing your tenants a discount code for satellite TV you ensure that tenant turnover is reduced and you continue to maintain high-quality tenants. Furthermore, adding wi-fi access is a surefire way to gain tenants and give you room to raise rents just a little.

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