What Office Tenants Look For

What Office Tenants Look For

Looking to buy commercial office space? Here’s what tenants want.

Commercial office space has nearly become a point of contention in today’s commercial real estate world. Due to current events, companies have shifted even more toward the remote work trend, emptying office buildings completely. However, physical locations in which teams can gather proves to be best for direct communication and even productivity and morale. When office tenants move to a new property, they want several specific things.


Companies are looking for more flexibility in their office space options. Because they are contract-based, they are always looking at what the property might offer them next. Scalability is one major benefit. Office tenants likely need the option to either scale down space for heavier remote work, or scale up as the company grows. In this fast-paced world, flexibility is a must.

Mixed Spaces

Open-concept spaces have not become trendy just for residential homes, but for office spaces too. In some cases, depending on the type of work a specific team does, group work settings are highly beneficial and even healthful. With pandemic restrictions, however, more companies are likely in need of both open spaces and closed office spaces. 


Next on the priority list is security. Security includes protection systems against intruders and fires. Every commercial property should, by law, have a security system and fire protection system in place. These technologies should be well-maintained on an on-going basis. Clear communication with office tenants is also key to ensuring their safe passage in case of an emergency.

Quality Control

Indoor air quality is also a major factor in how happy your office tenants will be. If not maintained, the building could become downtrodden enough to cause “Sick Building Syndrome” in some people. The building owner or property manager should always keep track of the property’s HVAC, cleaning schedule, and structural integrity.


An office facility should have plenty of amenities within a short walking or driving distance. Companies love it when there are small restaurants and stores just outside the front door. If there’s a park nearby or a place to stroll, it’s better yet. Find the best commercial office properties and property management services with Clagett Enterprises in Frederick, Maryland!

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