3 Important Factors That Make For A Solid Tenant

solid tenant

Finding the perfect tenant is easier than you think!

One of the most important decisions you will make with your rental property is who you decide to reside there. In fact, choosing a quality tenant can be a very cumbersome and overwhelming experience. As a result, we’ve created a simple guide that you can follow to locate quality tenants that will make renting a property a more enjoyable experience as a landlord.

Finding Someone Who Is Able To Pay Rent On Time

The first thing you want to inquire about as a landlord is whether or not your potential tenant can afford the rent payments. In fact, most landlords will require that their tenant provides documentation that shows their current income to authenticate that they can afford to pay their rent in a timely manner. Furthermore, it really is the job of the landlord to calculate whether the potential tenant can afford to pay the rent agreed to by requiring proof of income before signing a lease.

A Tenant With A Stable Job

Long-term job stability is a key factor in finding a quality tenant. In fact, their job situation is paramount in determining whether they can afford to continue making their rent payments in the future. As a result, landlords can ask their potential tenants about their occupations and decide whether or not they want a candidate who has an unsteady employment or not.

It Always Comes Down To Stress

Ideally, you want a tenant who is low maintenance and causes a low amount of stress. Someone who pays their rent on time and cleans up after themselves is not too much to ask for. However, finding a quality tenant can be a difficult task when you have a large pool of applicants to choose from. As a result, you want to find someone who abides by the terms of the lease and doesn’t cause you anxiety over how they are treating the rental property.


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