The Top 2 Items You Should Replace In Your Rental Property

rental property

Knowing what items needs to be replaced in your rental is easier than you think!

Once you purchase your investment property, you are faced with a massive dilemma: what do I replace and what do I simply get rid of? It can be an extremely mind-boggling experience. In fact, choosing the best way to make your investment property work for you is to determine what items would be cost-effective to replace or upgrade and which items may need to simply be thrown out. Here are some of the more common items that are typically considered to be changed in a new investment property.

The Toilet

Every single rental property will have at least one toilet. In most cases, you want to make sure that it functions properly and is not in need of massive plumbing repairs. In fact, this should be the first thing you consider before deciding on what to do with the current toilet. One of the main reasons that you would need to fix a toilet is if it’s leaking. However, that repair cost may be extremely expensive. It would benefit you to consider whether the cost of the repair would outweigh the cost of purchasing a new toilet altogether.

All The Locks

Once a tenant moves out, even if they have given you a copy of their key, there is no way of discovering how many copies of that key have been distributed to others. In fact, changing up all the locks in your rental property ensures your safety as well as the safety of any future tenants. If you are in the business of investing in rental properties you can always switch up the locks from property to property after each tenant moves out. As a result, you continuously have a new lock on all of your different properties without having to spend a fortune every single time you need to replace the locks.

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