3 Important Reasons to Wait Before You Renovate

3 Important Reasons to Wait Before You Renovate

When you move into a new home, it can be tempting to go straight into renovation mode immediately.

When you move into a new home, it can be tempting to go straight into renovation mode immediately. Unless you move into a custom built house, almost every home will have aspects you will want to renovate when you first move in. However, before you start making additional purchases and getting into weekend warrior mode its a good idea to take a step back and wait.  

Narrow Your Focus

Imagine, you’ve barely begun unpacking, and the list of renovation ideas is two pages long, this might sound familiar. While there are minor changes to your home it will be easier to do before you’ve fully unpacked – painting for instance – its a good idea to take a breather. For one, renovations can be expensive, unless you planned them into your budget when purchasing you may want to build up more financial resources before dipping into your savings once again. Waiting to renovate can also give you time to live in a new space to see what you want to spend your money on, and what can wait a few more years. Giving yourself space to narrow your focus can help you not only learn to love some of your home’s quirks, but it can help you approach your future renovations with a more honed vision.  

Learn What’s Important

Spending time in your new home before you start tearing up flooring can give you a sense of appreciation for aspects of your home that you want to keep, and those that you may want to change. While you may have initially thought that your kitchen really needed work, you might find that you need a better laundry room or master bathroom first. Plus, you might have to find out more about the history and heritage of the home which can help you plan your eventual changes to be more specific to your home, making them unique and specific.

Prevent Unnecessary Renovations

One mistake many homeowners make when they renovate too soon is to make changes they will quickly outlive. Maybe they installed custom railings with toddler gates throughout the home, only to realize these were outgrown within the year. Or they renovate children’s rooms not considering the teens they would quickly become.

Learn the Area

The most important reason to wait before you renovate comes down to the financial landscape of your new community. The work that you put into your new home should eventually mean that when you move, your listing price reflects what you’ve put in. However, if you over-update for the community you live in your listing price may make your home difficult to sell. When you’ve just moved in it may be hard to think about a future sale, but it’s important to remember that the potential for resale always exists, and putting in more than you can quickly get back may cause you trouble down the line. Once you’ve learned more about your community–how it’s growing, what the average home prices are you can gauge what kind of price increases your market will be able to bear.

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