4 Creative And Innovative Ways To Add Value To Your Apartment Building


There are some interesting ways you can add value to your apartment building!

Have you ever wondered why the major players in residential real estate investment avoid single family homes? There are a variety of reasons that would lure investors towards an apartment building instead of a single-family home. But the most significant factor is the amount of control an apartment building owner has. Owners of large multi-family properties can easily control the value of their investment. This flexibility is something that allows investors to make improvements to increase the property’s value. Here are just a few creative ways that building owners can improve the value of their apartment building.

Sub-Meter Utilities

Some people enjoy having their windows open in the frigid winter while their heat is blasting. We also know that there are residents who never report that their toilet is running because they never actually pay for their water. Depending on the various mechanics of the property, sub-metering can be a massive addition to your property’s value.

Washers And Dryers

One of the first amenities that tenants look for in a unit is a washer and dryer. Long gone are the days of people going to laundromats to do their laundry. Having a washer and dryer in every unit can surely add a substantial amount of value to your property.

LED Lighting

With the increasing popularity of the go green trend, environmentally friendly alternatives are bound to add value to your property. Features like LED lights are a surefire way to boost the value of your property. By using so little energy, it’s a no-brainer to install LED lights in all the common areas on your property.

Vending Machines

The incomes produced from vending machines can, in fact, add value to your property. Placing a vending machine in a common area can be a surefire way to give your apartment building some additional value. In the end, there is little to no maintenance required for a snack or beverage vending machine. Most service providers will help place and service the vending machines in your apartment building while you get a portion of the profit.

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