10 Home Staging Tips for a First-time Seller

10 Home Staging Tips for a First-time Seller

Minimizing clutter and loud colors throughout your home are best practices for showcasing the best features of your home without distraction.

Selling a home can be a challenging process for anyone. However for a first-time home seller, it can be an especially difficult process of tailoring your home to meet the needs and design preferences of a potential buyer. If you are a first-time home seller in the process of staging your home, consider these 10 simple staging tips to make your home stand out.

Neutralize Your Master Bedroom

Decorate your beautiful master bedroom with stylish neutrals that will show off the space while appealing to everyone. Tuck away personal items or decorations so potential buyers can better envision their belongings there.

Show Off Your Closet Space

Space is such a huge selling point for many buyers, especially those with growing families. Showcase the storage space of your home so potential buyers can see all that your home has to offer.

Eliminate Pet Odors

No matter how beautiful or perfect your home may be on the market, pet odors can be a huge deterrent from a potential buy. Neutralize the air in your home before a walk through or open house.

Stage Your Outdoor Space Wisely

In addition to staging the interior of your home, stage your outdoor space to be equally eye-catching with simple landscape cleanup.

Showcase “Extra” Rooms with a Purpose

While your spare bedroom may have served as a functional storage area for you, it may be better showcased as an office for someone else. Highlight the potential in every room by showing all that can be done with the space.

Add Seasonal Touches

Help potential buyers envision their new life in your home with seasonal touches to warm up the space. Simple decorations such as a seasonal wreath can go a long way for warming up your space.

Organize Personal Belongings

Aim for a balanced look when staging your home, somewhere between ‘new’ and ‘lived in’, ideally. Organize your personal belongings, such as toys, cosmetics, or movies into stylish storage options that can also be incorporated into the interior design of your home.

Use Neutral Styles and Colors in Your Design

If you are selling your home, be sure to neutralize wall colors, decorations, and the overall aesthetic of your interior design. Minimizing clutter and loud colors throughout your home are best practices for showcasing the best features of your home without distraction.

Arrange Your Furniture Symmetrically

Create a simple, yet symmetrical design with your furniture to highlight the open space and design potential of your home.

Stage a Lifestyle Within Your Home

As you stage and simplify your home before selling, consider the ideal lifestyle of the potential buyers. Keeping this in mind as you prepare your home will help you to create the look of the lifestyle that a potential buyer may be looking for.

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