6 Reasons People Sell Their Home

6 Reasons People Sell Their Home

Selling a home can entail many different reasons.

People may pick up their lives and sell their home for many different reasons, yet there are six that stand out as particularly common. While the average length of time a homeowner near Washington, D.C. keeps his house is over 11 years, the hustle and bustle of moving is frequent enough to provide the market with your potential dream home. When it comes time for you to move, it may be one of these six reasons.

1. Too Small

Often, families grow in size and outgrow their home. There may not be enough places to comfortably house everyone, let alone all their belongings. Some may want more privacy, too, so everyone is not stepping on each other’s toes. 

2. Too Big

On the other hand, empty nesters may call it time to downsize. The kids have grown up and moved out, and as one ages, it becomes harder to manage a house with a lot of unused space. A townhouse or apartment usually looks more appealing.

3. Too Old

The large-scale maintenance of a home typically involves major replacements every 15 to 20 years. Windows, doors, floors, siding, roofs, and appliances need replacing at some point. For some, the burden may be too much. They may want to sell their home and move on to the next decent house before having to deal with all the repairs.

4. Too New

Meanwhile, some are, by nature, restless for projects. They love to work on a fixer-upper all day long. When they have done everything they can to make it good as new, they may tire of the place and seek a new calling. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did that before selling?

5. Too Changed

In some cases, the move may have nothing to do with the condition of the house. Perhaps the city has developed too fast, dear friends and neighbors have left, or the new community isn’t to their liking. 

6. Too Much

Personal reasons can also affect the choice to move. A change in relationship like marriage, divorce, or break-up can lead one to sell the house, either because the mortgage or rent is too expensive or the place has bad memories. A death in the family can also lead to a change of residence. Alternatively, someone could move for a change in lifestyle, such as a life of travel.

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