Holiday Tips for Property Managers

Holiday Tips for Property Managers

Make the holiday season the best it can be with these property management tips.

The holidays are fast approaching, and everyone’s schedules are busier than ever. Property managers are there for their tenants to make sure that they are safe and secure for the merry season. Below are the top holiday tips for property managers to make this time of year great.

Safety Check

A property manager ensures that everyone’s abode is safe and sound. Make sure that the electricity, heating, and structure of the home are in good working order. Don’t forget the outdoors when going over maintenance, as sprinkler or irrigation systems can freeze and burst if water remains within the pipes. You can also help your tenants avoid short-circuiting the power with Christmas lighting by installing GFCI outlets, which break the circuit if too much power surges through.

Get Chores Done First

The best way to go about any maintenance issues is to get them taken care of before the holiday season kicks into full gear. That way, you and your tenants can enjoy the full extent of the celebratory time without having to deal with extra chores, especially if they are major ones like leaking pipes or faulty heating.

Emergency Contact

However, you and your tenants never know when a malfunction may occur. Hopefully, none of your tenants will start one of the many accidental Christmas fires that happen at this time of year. There are plenty of ways in which someone can safely avoid a fire with no problem. Even so, other emergencies with the house may come up, and they may need your help. Offer them an emergency contact number when you are out of the office.

Answer When Called

A property manager is there to answer his or her tenants when they call. Remember to be mindful of their concerns and respond to them within 24 hours.

Christmas Greetings

As a property manager, you may have some role in setting the mood for the neighborhood and the tone of your manager-tenant relationships. A thoughtful and generous way to liven the scene is a simple one: send personalized Christmas or holiday cards to your tenants. This act will show that you are thankful for them living in the housing you provide.

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