A Quick Guide to Choosing A Commercial Office Space

clagett commercial office space

Choosing the right commercial office space is not only beneficial to employees, but clients as well.

Every business owner wants to have a beautiful, spacious office that creates an engaging and lively work environment for maximum efficiency.  The sole way that this can be accomplished is by choosing a commercial office space that is perfect for your company. However, it’s important not to just jump right into a real estate contract. There is a lot of planning that must occur before choosing your dream commercial office space. These are some helpful pieces of advice to help make sure that you are completely confident in the commercial office space you chose to represent your company with no regrets.

Make Your Priorities Clear

Prioritizing elements of greater importance to you and your company’s culture are extremely valuable in any large decision, such as in the search for the perfect commercial office space. Are you absolutely firm with your budget, or are you willing to spend a bit more than planned to rent that gorgeous, state-of-the-art suite? Have you done your research on the planned location of your office or moving to where the industry is trending? Setting priorities and making them clear to your agent help both you and your realtor avoid potential heartache or heartbreak in the future. 

First Impressions are Important

Think about your office as if you were a fresh-faced, new recruit coming in for an interview. You would want the commercial office space to make a great first impression on an interviewee so that they would be more than excited to receive a job offer. If you don’t immediately feel impressed with a commercial office space upon walking in through the front door, then it probably isn’t the right space for you or your employees. Some people believe that they can fix old or dated officed with their DIY skills, but this can actually be just as expensive with upkeeping maintenance as it would be renting in a newer building. 

Make Sure the Commercial Office Space is Accessible and User Friendly

A good employer always tends to his employee’s and client’s needs. Do the employees value lots of roomy parking spaces? Is there accessibility for those with disabilities? Are there plenty of restroom options to use during the day in case of downtime? All of these seemingly small and trivial questions actually mean a lot to employees. Finding a commercial office space that provides for employees and clients alike will help improve retention and reduce client and employee turnover rates. 

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