Cold Weather Property Management

cold weather property managementWinter is well underway but far from it’s end. The temperature is getting ready to drop again, and we are in for some more snow before spring warms everything back up. Dealing with property management during freezing temperatures can lead to maintenance nightmares. Make sure that your residents have taken all of the necessary steps in making sure that your property is winter-ready. They can save you a headache and lower the cost of keeping your property toasty in the winter months.

Winter property maintenance

Staying in touch with your residents is your first line of defense against winter temperatures. Send out emails about major cold fronts and remind your tenants of ways they can prevent issues.

The last thing you’ll want to deal with when freezing temperatures hit, is heading down to your rental property to assess damaged pipes. Advise your residents to shut off any exterior faucets in the winter months and consider leaving interior faucets at a drip overnight. In a deep freeze, residents should also open up cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms to expose pipes to more heat. Residents should never let the temperature inside your property to drop below 55 or 60 degrees.

As a property manager, you can take steps by making sure all pipes are properly insulated and trimming bushes and tree branches that lean on or hang over your property. When these get heavy with ice and snow they can pose a serious threat to exterior walls and the roof.

Winter tips for your residents

Have residents locate drafty areas of your property and help them find solutions to keeping the cold air out. Drafty areas can be sealed with products like door buffers that can be purchased from any home improvement store. If your residents notice that the windows are the biggest culprit, and installing new energy-efficient ones is out of your budget, advise them to purchase weather stripping, window film or insulated curtains.

Suggest that your residents reverse their ceiling fans. Rotating them clockwise during winter months can help keep air circulating throughout. This will keep the entire property much warmer and help your residents cut heating costs.

Though it is unlikely that a winter storm of epic proportions will trap your residents in their home, it is never a bad idea to be prepared. Residents should consider maintaining a supply of bottled water, non-perishable food items and extra blankets.

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