Property Management and Prompt Rent Collection

Property Management and Prompt Rent CollectionAll of the Green, None of the Worry

We all are familiar with the adage “time is money.” Owning a rental property comes with many responsibilities—responsibilities that require just that, time. Prompt rent collection is just one of the many tasks property owners take on. When it comes to collecting rent from tenants, it’s imperative to do so as promptly and effectively as possible. Late payments or no payments equal late profit or no profit. With the help of Clagett Enterprises, managing your property and ensuring prompt rent collection just got a whole lot simpler.

Ease Your Worry

Our property management services use the latest in accounting technologies, making it easier for both tenants to pay their rent promptly and for owners to ensure that they’re turning a profit. Clagett Enterprises worries about the collecting so you don’t have to.

Options Are Key

Renters aren’t widely regarded as the most reliable payers, but options may help. We can work with you to provide different payment options for your tenants. Whether it be a direct debit system from their bank account to yours, varying online options, check payment, or partial payment, we can find a solution that allows our property management services to ensure prompt rent collection from your tenants.

Happy Payers Pay Often

Our reliable property management services employ a preventative maintenance program which allows us to address a problem at the very start. This saves time, money, and stress both for owner and tenant. By choosing Clagett Enterprises, your property will be well maintained in a timely fashion with our large network of contractors, keeping tenants happy and willing to pay rent on time, every time.

Good Tenants = Prompt Payments

Tenant screening is key to ensure a tenant that is reliable. We understand that you want your property to be taken care of. We can ensure you a reliable tenant through personal interviews, background and credit checks, among other methods. A tenant that will take care of your property is also more likely to make pay their rent promptly.

There is no shortage to the list of benefits that stem from using our property management service. Let us help protect your property investment by taking the worry and stress out of your property’s upkeep and operation, as well as ensuring prompt rent collection from all of your tenants.

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