Different Types of Office Spaces

Different Types of Office Spaces

There are all kinds of office space layouts available! Which might be right for you?

The office space scene is changing dramatically, with many expecting the world to work mainly from home and limiting travel. Even so, there are several fundamental benefits of working in an office, such as more authentic connections, accountability, and focus. With all the advantages that office spaces give, the next question is what kind of office space to look for. Here is a brief yet concise guide on the different types of office spaces. 


Some companies do best with a traditional office space layout. The traditional office space includes a reception area, multiple private offices, and a conference room. You will also likely find a break room and possibly a lounge. This layout allows everyone to minimize noise, keep confidential information private, and collaborate when necessary.

Open Layout

The open layout office, also called the creative office space, does away with private offices and allows everyone to sit in one large room together. This layout might have coworkers sit at one long table or at multiple tables in rows. This creative, flexible layout encourages collaboration and networking.


Contiguous office space is a series of two or more office suites that are adjacent to one another and owned by the same company. The office spaces might be next to each other or on different floors. This setup is helpful for larger companies with departments of varying sizes.


Shared office space is a building that rents part of its floorspace to one or more other companies. One company rents office space from another, and they share the building. Renting out part of a company building can help cut the costs of redundant or unused space.


Coworking is even more flexible. In a coworking office space, you might see an entrepreneur at one table, a startup team at another, and a freelancer at the same. It is a convenient place to share equipment, office space, and ideas.

Executive Suite

An executive suite is a space-saving, top-of-the-line option for business owners that need a designated work location. The building will come with all the amenities one can expect, such as a receptionist, a breakroom, and a conference room, but the owner or renter might pay mainly for an individual executive office. The office comes fully furnished up to modern standards.

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