Find Office Space This Spring With These Practical Tips

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Utilize these helpful tips when searching for office space.

There is a myriad of ways to find and lease office space. Sometimes, you can find lease spaces on online listings or even through referrals. The office space you hire must be affordable, meet your business needs, and have enough space to cater to expansion. This post details four simple steps to find and lease office space.

Determine Your Business Needs

Business needs are the first factors to consider when hiring an office. Business needs include:

  • How many employees do you have? How is the office layout for them? Are workspaces enough?
  • Determine the need for waiting rooms, parking spaces, washrooms, meetings, boardrooms, etc.
  • Ensure the office has enough working space to accommodate your employees and equipment—also, factor in room for expansion.
  • The office should also be easily accessible. Additionally, ensure the office is located close to your target market.

Assess Your Budget

Ideally, office spaces are charged per square foot per month. But, again, the price for rentals varies in different locations. A quick search will reveal the average cost space in the area of your interest. Having gotten a rough estimate of your room, you can approximate the cost of the office space by multiplying the length and the location’s estimated price per foot. In addition to office space costs, consider utility costs such as electricity and water. Also, remember to assess standard area maintenance fees.

Tour The Office Space & Negotiate Your Lease

Once you have identified a few suitable office spaces, the next thing is to tour them. A tour is essential to ascertain the advertised features, the building’s condition, and the surroundings. In addition, you can check on security and the available utilities. After you find a perfect office space, organize for negotiation of the lease. Note that commercial leases are sophisticated and may necessitate a broker.

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