HOA vs. HOA Property Manager

HOA vs. HOA Property Manager

What’s the difference between an HOA and HOA property manager? Find out here.

Most people are familiar with HOAs, if for nothing else, as the punchline for jokes about mailbox styles and front door colors. However, there is more to the HOA than making seemingly arbitrary rules about the home you live in. They serve many purposes, but they are not the same thing as an HOA property management company, a common source of confusion for many people. If you live in a detached residential home, townhome, or condo under an HOA, it’s worth your time to discover the difference between these two entities and the roles they play in your community, be it a whole neighborhood or a single mixed-use building.

What Is An HOA?

An HOA, or Homeowners’ Association, is the group designated to handle the responsibilities associated with shared property. In a community, each individual owner is responsible for the property that is just theirs – the physical house, townhome, or condo. The shared property is the other stuff in the community: signs, parks, clubhouses, pools, possibly parking lot, and any shared parts of the building (including shared walls and the pipes therein and shared roofing). An HOA is managed by a board of directors which is comprised of volunteers from the community. HOA board members are not paid, and they are governed by the rules of the HOA when it was created. The HOA has to manage the budget, deal with homeowners, and find and manage the vendors they choose to do maintenance and upkeep tasks on the shared property.

What Is An HOA Property Manager?

HOA property management companies are businesses that help HOAs run more effectively. They often can provide knowledge and expertise that the average person on an HOA board (just another homeowner) doesn’t have. They can also help with specific tasks, like administration, which the volunteer board may not have time for. An HOA property management company works for an HOA, it doesn’t replace them. This type of company can do the day-to-day work of finding and overseeing vendors, managing the documentation of fees received, and more, but it is all done on behalf of the HOA.

Who Do You Go To With Issues?

The answer to this depends on the type of issue you have. If your issue is with one of the rules of your homeowners’ association, that is an issue to take up with the board. If your issue is with how a maintenance vendor is performing their work, that might be an issue to take to the property manager. The HOA property manager is not the company doing the work, but they often complete the vetting process, so they would be a good place to start if you’re having issues.

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