Retail Center Property Management Roles

Retail Center Property Management Roles

Need a property manager for your retail center? Clagett can help!

Running a retail center involves many tenants and overseeing roles to make it a success. If you own a retail shopping center, you understand. Clagett Enterprises helps plenty of retail center owners manage the property, taking the load off many aspects of running the operations. With Clagett Enterprises, you can expect help in the areas below.

Property Management

Property management is an encompassing role that covers the overall performance of a property. It can cover many aspects of maintaining it, including its physical upkeep, tenant relationships, and cash flow. It covers the long term and short term needs of every aspect of the property.


On the financial side, a property manager will create and store regular financial reports, even weekly and monthly. The financial manager will also plan and manage the shopping center’s budget and will manage bringing in the rent.


Buildings need regular maintenance, and retail centers require a high demand of upkeep given the amount of traffic it receives daily. A property manager or maintenance manager will schedule and control the physical condition of the building, such as roofing, flooring, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping. Maintenance also includes the upkeep of fire protection systems and other security systems.


A property manager or tenant coordinator will also manage and coordinate the calls, emails, and requests of tenants, promoting a strong relationship between commercial tenants and the retail center management team. This role is a customer service position that meets the needs and concerns of those that make the center a success.


A property manager may also set and negotiate the leasing terms and conditions, screen tenants, enforce lease compliance, and set up incentives, among other duties. Sometimes, the leasing role may be split up into two roles, an administrator and a manager. 

Property Management in Frederick, MD

Instead of splitting up these roles among many disconnected entities, you can fulfill these needs under the umbrella of Clagett Enterprises’ commercial management services. We can help you manage the leasing, finances, tenant needs, and property maintenance, leaving more time for you to focus on your primary goals.

Trust the Professionals at Clagett Enterprises for Your Realty Needs

If you’re looking for an experienced property management company, the perfect realtor for your property, or a professional to assist you during your purchase of any home, you can rely on Clagett Enterprises. Clagett Enterprises is a full-service real estate company with almost 30 years of experience in the Frederick and Western Maryland area. For assistance with commercial sales, leasing, management, and development and consulting, contact us online or give us a call at 301-665-6009. To meet our team and see some of our beautiful homes, follow us on Facebook and Linkedin.

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