How to Broaden Space in Your Apartment


If you have or about to rent an apartment here are some things you can do to make the space that much bigger than what it is.

We all know that apartments don’t give you the same space as a house and space in most apartments aren’t that spacious themselves. You have to work with what you get and there are many ways to broaden the space you’re given no matter the size of your apartment.

Floor Space

Using your space in your apartment is imperative to have an organized space and to have more space for any more stuff you will acquire. One way to enhance your space is to get the correct furniture if you acquire a couch for your living room, or maybe get a futon so if you have guests over they have a spot to sleep but it can be used as a couch for any other situation. The way you arrange your furniture in the apartment will also help to optimize your space, for example, if you have a couch and a coffee table you want to put in your living room, place the couch on one of the walls and the table in front of it thus giving you and potential guests to walk freely without stubbing their toe on the coffee table.  


Shelving and Other Compartments

One of the best ways to increase the space in an apartment is to use shelves, hooks, and other amenities to accommodate things that are both important and not. In your living room get some nice shelves that can hold any books, photos or any collectibles you may have. The area that has the least amount of storage is the kitchen so to solve this problem, use bars to hang pots and pans so they are easy to access and to put back once you wash them. You can also install a magnetic strip that can hold your kitchen knives.


There is no surprise that the piece of furniture that takes up the most space in an apartment is your bed. No matter the size there are a couple of styles of beds you could acquire that are both comfortable but also can help you store things in your bedroom. One example of this is a loft style of bed, the best way to explain it is a top bunk of a bunk bed with enough space under it you could put a desk, chair or a small couch. Also, there are compartments you can buy to store your amenities underneath your bed if you’re not willing to climb a ladder to go to bed every night.


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