How to Choose the Best Office Space

How to Choose the Best Office Space

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The office your business operates out of is more than just space to work. It is a statement about your company and brand, a sign to future employees about your culture, and a means of either improving or demolishing employee morale and productivity. A lot rests on the space. So when it comes time to upgrade or move, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Of course, there are questions about the value of buying commercial property versus renting, but there are also other factors you need to consider so that you choose the best office space for you and your company. 

Consider Your Employees

Many studies have shown that employees see the design and personality of a workplace (or lack thereof) as indicating how their employer feels about and values them. A very small minority said they were happy with their work environment; many admitted that when they do like their work environment, they are more committed and productive and healthier. On the contrary, if employees are unhappy and disengaged, they are less likely to make positive contributions and maintain a good work ethic. Furthermore, a well-designed and maintained office that includes natural lighting and good air quality also cuts down on sick days, since employees are healthier. 

Consider Location

Location is always a significant factor. When you’re looking at potential sites, think about accessibility as well as quality. It can be “accessibility” in the broad sense, such as the proximity to public transportation for customers/clients and employees. It can also be specific, such as for people with limited mobility to access the space. Finally, consider what is nearby for your employees to access, such as food options for lunch breaks or venues for socializing after work. 

Consider Design And Layout

Many factors go into office design, including the use of natural vs. artificial light, air quality, break areas, non-standard work options and office equipment (like community work areas and standing desks), and more. These are all things to consider while searching, not after you’ve settled on something.

Consider Price

Finally, before you even start looking, you need to know your budget and stick to it. Finding the perfect location is useless if it is three times what you can afford to pay.

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