How to Maximize Your Space in an Apartment Rental

How to Maximize Your Space in an Apartment Rental

It’s no secret that apartment living usually means less living space than you’d have in a house.

It’s no secret that apartment living usually means less living space than you’d have in a house. However, the way in which you use a small space can make all the difference in your ability to decorate, host guests, and enjoy the space for yourself. Here are some great space-saving tips to make the best use of the space you have in your rental apartment.

Reclaim Bed Floorspace

One of the biggest floorspace hogs in a small apartment is the bed, but to reclaim that space you don’t have to commit to the couch life. Your bed is a vital piece of furniture, one that is important to both mental and physical health. If you need to take back some of the real estate it eats up, consider going upwards. One way to do this is with a loft style bed. These beds are elevated (like the top of a bunk bed) so that something usable can fit under them, most often a couch, comfy chair, or desk. If you don’t like ladders or can’t see yourself living as a top-bunker, at least reclaim that floorspace by investing in storage containers that fit under your bed. One final option that’s increasingly popular is the old Murphy bed. These are those beds that fold up into the wall (or into a wall cabinet) to make the floor space usable. They are being produced in a variety of styles now and actually offer a very comfortable sleeping solution.

Use the Walls Effectively

The walls are for more than art and windows these days. More and more small apartment dwellers (in apartments that allow it) are embracing the walls for storage and furniture, by mounting any and every thing to the walls. There are a variety of custom hook available for hanging everything, from big things like bikes to small tools. To reclaim the floorspace under them, you should consider mounting things like the tv, but you can also mount things like desks and tables. There are even versions of these furniture items that fold into the wall, similar to a Murphy bed.

Get Detail-Oriented in the Kitchen

A small rental unit usually has a small kitchen, so make the most of the limited space with smart storage. Use the walls by incorporating bars for hanging pans or magnets for hanging knives. Organize your cabinets with properly-sized and well-labeled storage solutions. If you can’t put holes in the wall, you may still be able to hang stuff by using tension rods (they’re not just for shower curtains) or magnets on your fridge.

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