How To Properly Prepare For Selling Your Property In The Spring

How To Properly Prepare For Selling Your Property In The Spring Clagett

There’s no coming back from a wrong first impression as a prospective buyer walks up to the house.

Why is spring such a bustling time for real estate? Perhaps the feeling of positive change and growth defines the season. Whatever the reason, many people choose to sell their homes in the spring. If you’re planning to sell this spring, there are certain things you absolutely must do to prepare for your property selling. Read on for your winter to-do list, so you’ve got your home market-ready in time for the spring.


A Clean First Impression

You may hold off on this one till the bitter weather is done, but you need to clean up the outside of your home. There’s no coming back from a wrong first impression as a prospective buyer walks up to the house. So clean up all the debris, rake up the leaves, trim any trees, and spruce up the flowers. You may also think about planting new flowers that complement the exterior of the house, or maybe even painting the house, the deck, the fence, or anything else that needs it.


Make It Anyone’s

You also need to remove what makes the home uniquely yours: any photos of your family, any signs with your family name, or anything else that makes it feel especially you. Prospective buyers need to be able to see themselves in the space. This is also a perfect opportunity to repaint any walls that you have painted in a striking or very unique color or pattern. When someone moves in, they can do it if they want something different and unique. You want anyone to see themselves in the home, not just people with the same taste as you.


Make Repairs

If you know, they’re significant repairs that will need to be done. It may be beneficial to do them now. Depending on the extent of the repair, an appraisal or a pre-sale inspection will probably find the issue, and you may be required to fix it or deduct the cost of fixing it from the price of the home for the sale to go through. It may even be something that keeps the house from selling, and these things need to be taken care of.



Lastly, one of the most critical things you have to do it’s clear out the clutter, and now is the time to get started. You want a prospective buyer’s first impression of the home to be of what could be and for them to enjoy very much to live there. A cluttered home won’t evoke that. If you have many things and haven’t found a new home yet, this might require renting a storage unit. You can’t get rid of everything if you’re still living in the house, but you should cut down on what’s being stored there. Get rid of any clothes you’re not actively wearing from your closet, clean out the cabinets of anything you’re not using every day for cooking, tidy up the entryway, and get rid of the odds and ends that accumulate there.


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