Looking For A New Property Manager? Consider These Helpful Tips

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Find out whether a property manager is best for you.

Property management is a valuable service for landlords who have a lot on their plates and need help with their business property. However, finding exceptional property management to look after your property can be complicated. Here are a few tips to consider when searching for a property manager.

Consider The Portfolio Of Your Property Manager

Examine each prospective property manager’s portfolio to assess their track record.  Look for property managers who specialize in the type of property you own. Managing a shopping center, for example, is significantly different from looking after an apartment complex. Check to see how long the property management company has been in operation, how many buildings they presently manage, and what qualifications they have.

Account For Reviews As Well

Look online and survey tenants who have previously and now used their services. Remember, some evaluations may be protests against a circumstance that is not reflective of the company’s standards. Because of reports like these, getting both sides is critical when selecting a property manager.

Establish A Working Relationship

Remember why you want to hire property management. You can negotiate the amount of control you wish to share with the management business. Know precisely what you want the manager to perform for your property and weigh each option against your objectives.

Understand The Fine Print

Always thoroughly study the contract between you and the property management company and negotiate anything you don’t agree with or understand. There may be unexpected expenses or owner duties to consider. If you believe you are ready to hire a property management company for your commercial property, contact Clagett Enterprises today!

Trust the Professionals at Clagett Enterprises for Your Realty Needs

If you’re looking for an experienced property management company, the perfect realtor for your property, or a professional to assist you during your purchase of any home, you can rely on Clagett Enterprises. Clagett Enterprises is a full-service real estate company with almost 30 years of experience in the Frederick and Western Maryland area. For assistance with commercial sales, leasing, management, and development and consulting, contact us online or give us a call at 301-665-6009. To meet our team and see some of our beautiful homes, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

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