What You Need To Know About Moving With Pets

moving pets

Make your pets feel comfortable when you move.

Most homeowners treat their pets as part of their families. That being said, when a family embarks on a move, they take their pets with them. But for some animals, dogs, and cats, in particular, it can be a difficult adjustment to move from one home to another. There are a number of things pet owners need to consider when embarking on a move with a pet.

Before Moving

Having a companion is always a great way to make daily stressors more bearable. However, when commencing a move, it can actually be the opposite, unless of course, you are well-prepared beforehand. Most animals have their own behaviors and will obviously react differently than others when relocating. However, there are some commonalities that they all share and pet owners must consider.


  • Cats


In general, cats are often the hardest of the bunch to move with because they crave consistency and don’t adhere well to changes in their environment or surroundings. The best way to handle moving with a cat is to place a blanket or their favorite toy into their carrier, praising them as they go inspecting their carriers. By setting up a cat’s carrier well in advance of your planned move you can make sure that your cat will be able to ride comfortably and ease some of the animals tension and anxiety that will most likely surface as the cat senses a change in their surroundings.


  • Dogs


Dogs need to be well restrained as you move them from one home to a new one. By investing in a safety harness for your car you can rest assured that your dog will be able to sit comfortably and safely during your ride to your new home. Make sure to practice with your dog in advance of the move by allowing them to sit in the harness without driving anywhere. Then take them on a short drive and then play with them by taking them on a longer ride to see how well they do.

Hidden Hazards

Moving can sometimes span more than one day. Traveling through many states may be required and with a pet, this can become a dangerous issue if not properly approached. Stopping at a hotel may be your only option. If that’s the case, then be sure to check for any dangers that your dog or cat may find. From open windows to holes in the walls, make sure that your room is unobstructed by any dangers before letting your dog off their leash or your cat out of their carrier.

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