Making the Best First Impression at an Open House

Real Estate Open House

With your Clagett Realtor at your side, your house will sell in no time!

When selling your home, one of the best things you can do is to host an open house. This is your home’s first impression to buyer looking for a new house. But here are some tips and tricks to get you and your house through this stressful first meeting.

Before the Big Day

The weekend before you host your open house, make sure all of the outdoor chores are done. Mow the lawn, weed the flower beds, trim the bushes, and make the outside of your home presentable to the potential buyers.  If your front porch is cluttered with flower pots, furniture, old cigarette butts, and other sorts of objects that would be unattractive to others, pick them up and declutter it. Store the furniture in the backyard or in the old toolshed until after the open house. Also the week before the open house, make sure you and your animals have a place to go. We know it is their home too but potential buyers many not like Fluffy hissing at them or Duke barking as they open and close the door. It would be a good day to take them to the park, vet, or groomers. It is also a good idea to make sure you and your family isn’t around. This way the buyers won’t feel like it is your house, but their potential home.

The Day Before

After cleaning, make sure all of your person items are stored away. Put away jewelry, makeup, the coffee machine, anything that could stop a buyer from seeing the full potential of the space and seeing themselves in the house. Make sure to clean your appliances, including the outside. If your stainless steel finishes are matted with fingerprints, it could make a bad impression with buyers.

The Day Of

If you are not at the open house, don’t forget to set up a place for comment cards. These will let buyers anonymously write down what needs to be fixed in your house and will give you a good idea of what could be fixed in order for it to sell quicker. Serving food is a topic that is up-in-the-air with realtors. But it might give buyers the incentive to stay and talk to the realtor as well as enjoy the home. Setting out a tray of cookies, donuts, coffee, and waters are always a good way to make people feel at home and sociable before they head off to another open house. It is always a great way for them to take a business card and to remember which house was which.

Selling Your Residential Property with Clagett Enterprises

Your open house is a great way to make the best first impression possible. If you follow these tips and are open and honest with your Clagett realtor, you home will sell in no time!

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