What Potential Renters Should Do Before Signing a Lease

Potential Renters with Real Estate Agent

Potential renters need to keep the following tips in mind before signing a lease.

Whether you are preparing to rent an apartment or a beautiful house, signing the lease can be a stressful process. How do you know that the lease is fair to both of you, the renters and the landlords? Here are some simple steps to take before signing a lease to make sure that you are protected.

Don’t Rush the Process

First things first, don’t rush into signing a lease. If you are absolutely desperate to rent an apartment or home, you are showing your hand to the landlord and opening up the door for less than positive provisions in your lease (if, of course, your landlord wants to take advantage of you). Make sure that you take your time when considering the property you are considering renting, the provisions in the lease, the amount you are paying to rent the space, and the length of the lease.

Get Everything Written Down

Most potential renters don’t start insisting on getting everything in writing until they have a bad experience that teaches them that very lesson—to get everything in writing. By making sure that every last detail is written down, you get any potentially ugly discussions out of the way before it gets complicated. If your landlord says that you will have a new washer and dryer before you move in, include that in the least so that you have a paper copy of the statement.

See If Everyone is in the Neighborhood

A great way to tell if you will enjoy your new home as potential renters is to ask if anyone in the office, like the landlord or property manager, lives nearby or on the property. If the landlord lives close, it’s a good sign that you are moving into a good neighborhood. It will also be much easier to get things fixed if you aren’t renting as part of a large apartment complex with its own maintenance staff.

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